Both rural and urban areas of Nepal suffer from problems of poor housing conditions, and inadequate socio-physical infrastructures such as clean water supply, electricity, education, health-care facilities and so forth.

Significant changes in attitudes, policies, plans and practices in the field of shelter and settlements are essential if Nepal is to succeed in providing a decent human living condition to its citizens.

We are a non-profit self-perpetuating society of scientists, engineers and allied professionals dedicated to the furtherance and use of science and technology for general welfare, and committed to advocate, act on own and in partnership, and facilitate research, development and use of cost-effective technologies in planning, design and construction. We also aim to promote safe shelters and sustainable settlements.

Shelter & Local Technology Development Center (hereinafter referred to as “SLTDC”) , established in 1996 and registered as a non-profit making organization under the organization registration act, 1977/1978 (BS 2034) with its head office in Kalankisthan, Kathmandu, Nepal, a non-governmental organization contributing in research and development of sustainable construction materials(“SLTDC”). Also registered with the Social Welfare Council.