Low cost Housing or Cost Effective Housing means to reduce the cost of construction without compromising quality in respect of strength, durability and function.

People generally assume that a low cost house means low quality house. But it is not true. We compare various conventional construction methods and select the best one from the point of view economy, strength, function etc. We then make further research on the prevailing method and improve them as far as possible.

Environment Friendly

In these buildings we do not use timber frames for doors and windows but masonry projection with hinge block. We use pre-cast element eliminating form work which use excessive timber.

The production of bricks consumes the fertile top soil, valuable for crop cultivation. Secondly large quantities of wood are required to bake the bricks which in turn leads to the destruction of forest. Thirdly the smoke emitted by the brick factories causes air pollution in the vicinity of brick factories. None of them exist in the case of hollow C. block production.


The cost of the building ranges from Rs.1,000.00 to Rs. 1,200.00 per sft. which is much less compared to present market rate of Rs. 2,000.00 to Rs. 2,500.00 per sft. These buildings are affordable for the people of different section of the society.

Technologies used to lower the cost of construction

  1. Use of Hollow C. Block masonry. It is cheaper than brick masonry by 37.5 %
  2. The second is use of partial pre-cast system which eliminate the form work economizing  about 25 % of the cost of RCC slab. Also there is no need of ceiling plaster making another 10 % economy. There is also economy in time.
  3. We use masonry projection for door & window frame, making another 7 % economy.
8” Hollow Cement Block Masonry / 100 sft
S.N Materials required Cement   Sand  Bricks   Blocks   Mason   Coolie   Total
Items    Cft    cft    Nos.    Nos    Nos    Nos
1 Hollow C Block masonry  0.91        5.46     112.50        2.00        4.00  Total
Cost in Rupees     436.80     245.70  6,300.00  1,200.00  1,600.00    9,782.50
Energy in M.J.     212.94       13.65  1,687.50    1,914.09
9” Brick Work / 100 sft
2 Brick masonry        4.50       27.00  1,200.00        3.00        6.00
Cost in Rupees  2,160.00  1,215.00  7,200.00  1,800.00  2,400.00  13,425.00
Energy in M.J.     810.00       67.50  5,100.00    5,977.50


Low Cost Housing in Rural Areas

Construction with Hollow Concrete Block Masonry

Partial Precast System

Pavement with CSSB